WooferedMilk Documenation - Type +join in WooferedMilk's Chat to get the bot in your channel.

General Commands - <> are only there to specify text that varies depending on what the command is meant to do. Don't actually type the brackets.
+about Gives general info about the bot.
+commands Returns a list of available commands based on who the user is and their mod/channel owner status.
+help <command> Gives information on whatever command is specified after the initial command.
+modules Gives a list of modules available in the bot. - Mod/Channel Owner only.
+enable/disable <module> Either enables or disables the module specified.
+new command <command> <response> Adds a new custom command to your channel. It adds no trigger, so you have to type that in manually or leave it out, if you'd like. - Mod/Channel Owner only.
+del command <command> Deletes the command specified. - Mod/Channel Owner only.
+new emote <emote> Adds a new custom emote to your channel. Works with dog posting. If dogs disabled and you have this enabled, it only posts these emotes. Can add multiple at a time if you seperate with a space. - Mod/Channel Owner only.
+emotes Gives a list of the custom emotes you have in your channel.
+del emote <emote> Deletes the emote specified. - Mod/Channel Owner only.
+part Removes WooferedMilk from your channel. - Channel Owner only.
Will post a dog emote (or custom emote if you have any added) every 30-65 messages in chat or every 6-13 messages with a dog in it with increasing likelihood past 30.
Adds some dog functionality to other things such as slots in the novelty module and the emoteposting module.
+dogs Posts 5 dogs in chat.
+dogfacts Posts a random dogfact from a list of 99. Please give me better dogfacts.
+faq Checks your current game on twitch and displays the FAQ set for that game.
+new faq <faq link> Sets an FAQ for your current game set on twitch.
+lastfm <last.fm account name> Sets last fm account name to be able to use the +song command - Channel Owner only.
+song Checks your last.fm account to see if a song is scrobbling to it. Spotify supports last.fm scrobbling to display the song you're listening to and other programs most likely support it as well.
If a link to a Twitter post, YouTube video, Twitch VoD, Twitch Clip, Strawpoll, Twitchpoll, SoundCloud, or FrankerFaceZ emote is posted in chat, the bot will give info based on the link provided.
+multi <multitwitch> <channel> Makes a multitwitch link of your channel and others. Separate channels by spaces as needed (The bot auto inputs the channel the command is used from). Multitwitch can be replaced with kadgar, speedruntv, twitchdeck, or multistream.
+8ball Displays a response and 8ball would give you. Best used with a message after it.
+slots Posts 3 random emotes in chat. If dogs is enabled, or the channel has no custom emotes, it will default to dogs. If the 3 emotes are the same it says "Jackpot!" with an emote in the message after.
+pkdx <Pokémon name> Displays stats and type of the Pokémon specified. All stats should be from gen 6, though I'm not 100% sure of it.
+quote <optional id> Either gives a random quote from the channel or the quote related to the id given.
+new quote <quote> Stores a quote in the bots list of quotes for your channel with a related ID. - Mod/Channel Owner only.
+del quote <quote ID> Deletes the quote related to the ID given from the bot's list of quotes for your channel. - Mod/Channel Owner only.
If a link to a speedrun.com run is posted in chat, the bot tells you the info of the run.
+wr <game> <category> Gets the world record in whatever game and category is specified. If no category is specified, it tries to find one in your title; If no game is specified it gets that from your Twitch.
+lb <game> Gets the leaderboard in whatever game is specified. If no game is specified it gets that from your Twitch.
+pb <user> <game> <category> Gets the user's record in whatever game and category is specified. If no user is specified, it uses the channel name; If no category is specified, it tries to find one in your title; If no game is specified it gets that from your Twitch.
+src <Twitch user> Get's a Twitch user's speedrun.com profile. If left blank, will use the current channel.
+hl <optional description> Sets a highlight timestamp for the current point in your stream. May be off weird if you get transcoding options mid-stream.
+highlights Displays highlight timestamps and their available descriptions.
+dhl Deletes all highlight timestamps.
+uptime Displays how long the stream has been live.
+title Displays the channel's title. Mostly useful for mobile users.